Turing Church VR

We produce events in Virtual Reality (VR).

Stonehenge-Jupiter, Terf

Our VR studio is powered by Terf, by 3D ICC.


The teleXLR8 online talk program based on Terf has been covered by Hypergrid Businessas an online open TED, using modern telepresence technology for ideas worth spreading, and as a next generation, fully interactive TV network with a participative audience.” teleXLR8 is open to invited users, please ask for an invitation if you wish to attend.

Stonehenge Garden at Terasem

We also produce events in Second Life and soon in next-generation VR worlds. Turing Church meetings in Second life are held in a Stonehenge-themed garden in the Terasem sim, on the second and/or fourth Sunday of each month, at 8:30am Pacific time (11:30am Eastern time, 5:30pm European time, 4:30pm GMT). This time is convenient for participants in the US (morning), Europe (late afternoon), and India (late evenings). Please check the time if you are in another timezone.

Stonehenge Garden at Terasem

[Click here to teleport to Stonehenge @Terasem] or teleport directly to Terasem, 180/180/31.

Hacking religion, awakening technology