The Turing Church VR studio is powered by Terf, by 3D ICC.

The VR studio is open to invited guests. If you have been invited, please follow the instructions in the invitation email, create an account if you don’t have one already, download the Terf client, and login with:

Login: your email (or the teleXLR8 email that you have been given to login)
Password: your password
Host: terf.3dicc.com (default)
Organization: teleXLR8

Then enter forum “Stonehenge – Jupiter.”

Simple instructions: Use the arrows to move and look around. Activate the microphone and the webcam (third and fourth icon on the bottom left toolbar). Click on a chair to sit. That’s enough to participate. Of course there are a lot of other features.

Stonehenge-Jupiter, Terf
Stonehenge-Jupiter forum

If you are not familiar with Terf, please visit the Welcome Center in-world.


Terf is a simple to use immersive environment, with instant live audio and video, every on-line collaboration tool today, and the ability to rapidly create locations that are contextually accurate, cost effective, and highly impactful. Users become effective in 15 mins., new locations can be created in 30 seconds.

More at http://3dicc.com/


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