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The 2010–2013 teleXLR8 archives have been moved here. See also the original teleXLR8 website. All videos are in the teleXLR8 video channels on Youtube and Vimeo.


The teleXLR8 online talk program based on 3D ICC‘s Immersive Terf has been covered by Hypergrid Businessas an online open TED, using modern telepresence technology for ideas worth spreading, and as a next generation, fully interactive TV network with a participative audience.

The first phase of teleXLR8 project, based on Teleplace, has been running as a free, invitation-only beta on the Teleplace servers and network infrastructure since March 2010, and produced many online talks by well-known emerging technologies experts and futurists, and online extensions to conferences such as the ASIM 2010 Conference, satellite to the Singularity Summit 2010, and the TransVision 2010 Conference. In the latter, streamed interactively as a full 2-way “mixed-reality” event with both local and remote speakers, the participants in Milan were joined by remote participants from all over the world.

Though the project was only promoted in the relatively small community of future studies and “Singularity” enthusiasts, there have been many more requests to join than could be granted, and the project has been frequently covered by the blogosphere and the online press. The early beta user group has about 80 members including some very well known and influential persons. All talks have been recorded on video and posted to video sharing sites the day after the talk. The videos have been seen by tens of thousands of viewers and covered by important technology oriented websites including internetACTU, IEET, KurzweilAI, H+ Magazine, Next Big Future, HyperGrid Business and Slashdot.

In May 2011 Teleplace made the visionary decision to open source their technology as OpenQwaq. In August 2011 the teleXLR8 project has been re-launched using 3D ICC‘s Immersive Terf proprietary version of OpenQwaq.

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