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Recommended Hangouts On Air: MTA and Q+

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to participate in the first Hangout On Air of the Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA). I also recommend the Q+ Hangouts, a series of online seminars on quantum information and quantum foundations on Hangouts On Air, and I hope also the Terasem Hangouts will be taken On Air soon. Continue reading Recommended Hangouts On Air: MTA and Q+

Quantum Archaeology

I have often used the almost equivalent term “Time Scanning”, but I see that more and more people are using “Quantum Archaeology”. A short definition:

Quantum Archaeology is a set of hypothetical far future technologies that, presumably through the application of yet undiscovered quantum effects, will permit reconstructing past events up to any desired resolution in space and time. In particular, Quantum Archaeology will permit reconstructing the life, thoughts, memories and feelings of any person in the past, up to any desired level of detail, and thus resurrecting the original person via “copying to the future.”

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Shadows and the concept of self

Shadows and the concept of self
By Giulio Prisco and Richard L. Miller
March 11, 2005

Let us begin with the dead cat in the box — or maybe it is the live cat. Or maybe both, depending upon how the radioisotope decayed during the time of the original thought experiment. Or maybe, it really took place. Somewhere. Someplace. Or maybe not. Or maybe the cat is only a shadow, and its source is not really a cat (look closely at the picture above).

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