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So what is ‘Terasem’ exactly?

If there is one “transhumanist”-inclined movement out there I really admire and appreciate it is Terasem. I had the pleasure of interacting with its founder shortly before and after my attendance at Transvision 2010. For those who don’t know, the founder of Terasem is the very successful Martine Rothblatt, who was at one time the most highly paid CEO of the Washington DC area. So its safe to conclude that Terasem is in large part a derivative entity of Martine’s ambitions and ideological packaging. Continue reading So what is ‘Terasem’ exactly?

Welcome Khannea!


Welcome to my good friend Khannea Suntzu, a restless walker on the wild side who likes to tell the bare and blunt truth. We will publish some of her (alas infrequent) positive thoughts here, see her main blog for the rest.

She is a blogger, and a far leftist critic of exclusive corporate culture, and the confluence of technological self-empowerment, paired with money. She travels the world making surprise shock rock presentations with a fine mix of dystopian, utopian and cosmist/cosmicist angle. Continue reading Welcome Khannea!