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Catchup Mission

It is the year 2079 I am floating in the void. This is a mission of great historical relevance. I am 350 Astronomical Units removed from earth. My signals take over two days to reach the inner solar system. I am flying solo in a private fusion-propelled yacht by the name of Stross IV. For dozens of astronomic units in all directions there is no object greater than a small hill.

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Good article (in French) published in February 2012 by the Swiss popular magazine L’illustré, based on an interview with me of December 2011. The Singularity, transhumanism, cyborgs, virtual realities, cryonics, brain preservation, mind uploading, post-biological life, living in a simulation, all included. Continue reading 2050, ET L’HOMME DEVINT SURHOMME | L’illustré