The Turing Church


The Turing Church is an online group with shared cosmic visions, loosely defined and with room for different interpretations and extensions – a galaxy of ideas in constant cooperation/competition (instead of a single monolithic belief system), with room for many approaches and angles.

The Turing Church is a minimalist, open, extensible Cosmic Religion. Minimalist, because it is a simple, compact cosmology, deliberately open to interpretation, and without geography or zoning laws. Open, because it is a minimalist foundation to build upon, and also because it’s open to everyone and doesn’t impose zoning laws. Extensible, because it can be used as a framework or library and extended vertically.

Cosmic Visions

– We will go to the stars and find Gods, build Gods, become Gods, and resurrect the dead from the past with advanced science, space-time engineering and “time magic.”
– God is emerging from the community of advanced forms of life and civilizations in the universe, and able to influence space-time events anywhere, anytime, including here and now.
– God elevates love and compassion to the status of fundamental forces, key drivers for the evolution of the universe.

Longer version: “Ten Cosmist Convictions.”


– Open to: everyone.
– Central authority: none.
– Lifestyle prescriptions: none.
– Ethical prescriptions: just one, “Try to act with love and compassion toward other sentient beings.”
– Official rituals: none – it’s up to participants to develop their own rituals, alone or in groups.


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Stairway to Infinity

Image: one of the smallest infinite-growth patterns in Life. It builds a stairway to infinity that looks like a stylized DNA helix (second image, try it in Golly). All the symbology that I wanted to have is there. The Life pattern was found by Paul Callahan, but I use a specular reflection of the pattern to proceed up and forward (instead of up and back).

Hacking religion, awakening technology