India Awakens Conference

India Awakens Conference Fundraiser and Ticket Sale

The India Awakens Conference fundraiser and ticket sale is live! Please contribute to our fundraiser to cover the Conference’s costs, and choose one of the recommended donation levels to attend the Conference (in person or online) or receive the video proceedings on DVD.

The India Awakens Conference will explore the convergence of Eastern and Western science and spirituality, with speakers representing both geographic and thematic sides – East and West, science and spirituality, and the intersections thereof. The Conference will take place in Kolkata, India, on Sunday, February 12, 2017, from 10am to 7pm, in the Shivananda Hall of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

India Awakens Conference

Please contribute to our fundraiser to cover the Conference’s costs. All contributions, big and small, are needed and warmly welcome! Please choose one of the recommended donation levels for admission to the conference, access to the live video streaming, or video proceedings on DVD.

The India Awakens Conference is produced by Turing Church, a working group at the intersection of science and religion, with the support of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. See also India Awakens on Facebook.

Please see the full presentation of the Conference with confirmed speakers, program, schedule, and pre-conference videos.

At the Conference, a global group of visionary thinkers will explore the intersections of spirituality and science. For those who can’t join, we will provide live video streaming and produce professional video recordings of all talks.

India Awakens Conference

  • spud100

    Looks like a great get-together, Dr. Prisco.
    This is merely, my small-witted opinion, but I think its time for this august group of big thinkers, to really step up, and present a coherent plan for some sort of workable Cosmism, a broad sketch, and essay, into a plausible afterlife theory.

    Years ago, I read Goswami, and Moravec (not scheduled) and several others. Because its such a mental pain to do that, it’s much easier to just breathe, and ignore the topic, because, where can it really lead? On the other hand, it’s a pretty decent goal, and it offers a potentially, gigantic pay-off, Peace. There was an old 20th century American expression that goes, sarcastically, “All this! And heaven too!”

    It also sets the tone for big engineering opportunities, to get people tuned-in to this goal. Big engineering, means big investment, and a bigger return on such an investment. This is just my head in the clouds, and as we all know there is not much oxygen the higher you fly, but this is sort of my holistic view, one that is perhaps ever, unachievable? It’s be nice if you all could coordinate some of your visions, in any case. Onward to your meeting in Kolkata. It sounds great!


    • Giulio Prisco

      Thanks Mitch. This will be a great conference IF we can raise the money to make it happen: bringing all these great people to Kolkata to share ideas and coordinate visions costs money. So, readers, please, show some love and donate some bucks.

      As you say, the objective is to put together “a coherent plan for some sort of workable Cosmism, a broad sketch, and essay, into a plausible afterlife theory.” I call this plan “Akashic Engineering”: a fusion of Eastern ethereal spirituality and openness to holistic models of reality on the one hand, and the can-do, reductive spirit of Western Engineering on the other hand.

      Didn’t Pirsig say that the Buddha lives also in the greasy gears of a motorcycle? Let’s find the Buddha there.

      I am writing an essay about that, in preparation for next week’s talk. Stay tuned.

  • magnus

    It would be nice to be there. Especially the after – work talks. I assume you won’t just leave, but go eating somewhere and then talking all the night! Maybe that’s the night when the solution emerges.

    Let’s see if I can donate something little, later on. It’s not strange, but sad, how resources are consumed, wasted on so much stupidity.
    One everyday- idea about getting money (I ‘m turning slightly red in my face now:$)
    Let’s designe a t-shirt or something like that, with a nice symbol and clear message about the conferenc (for example the TC logo and THE CONFERENCE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, FOREVER) or something like that.

    By the way, Kolkata…Golgata in swedish.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Now, that’s a great idea! Why not just “FOREVER” ?

      Yes, please donate some little thing to get the ball rolling!