Terasem GN11

Don’t miss the Terasem GN11 Workshop on BioNanoTechnology, today (July 20) in Second Life

Don’t miss the 11th Terasem Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, today (July 20) at 9am PDT, noon EDT (5pm in London, 6pm in most of continental Europe). Futurist Melanie Swan will give a talk on BioNano technology, current status and prospects, and philosophical aspects. I look forward to seeing you at the Workshop! Access coordinates below.

The Terasem Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology (GN) is held annually in Second Life on July 20, the anniversary of the first manned landing on the Moon.

After an opening address by Terasem organizer Loraine Rhodes, futurist Melanie Swan will give a talk titled “Philosophy of Biological Cell Repair informs Geoethical Nanotechnology.” (Abstract here).

Melanie Swan is a true polymath and an expert in many fields. Some years ago, she was pioneering advanced data visualization methods in Second Life. More recently, she founded the Institute for Blockchain Studies to examine the theoretical, philosophical and societal implications of blockchain technology, and wrote the book “Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy,” dedicated to advanced future applications of emerging blockchain computing.

Today, Melanie will talk about nanotechnology and biological cell repair, important advances, and key philosophical aspects from a systems theory perspective. Other keywords: relational process thinking, complexity, Big Data, machine learning, posthuman and transhuman perspectives, nanobots, bio-cryptoeconomy (I’ll listen to Melanie very carefully to understand what that one means).

“Understanding biological cell repair at the philosophical level might help in developing nanotechnology solutions that facilitate and augment biological processes congruently and geoethically with nature.” – Melanie Swan

11th Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology
Terasem Island Conference Center, Second Life
Monday, July 20, 2016
9am – 11am PDT / noon – 2pm EDT / 4pm – 6pm GMT (5pm – 7pm London, 6pm – 8pm Continental Europe)

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Terasem GN11