India Awakens Conference

India Awakens Conference, February 12, 2017: Early call for support

Several months ago, in the framework of an ongoing, never ending exploration of the convergence of Eastern and Western science and spirituality, we started planning for the India Awakens Conference.

We secured a top conference hall in a prestigious institution in Kolkata and invited top speakers representing the East and the West, science and spirituality, and the intersections thereof. Confirmed speakers include Ralph Abraham, Ben Goertzel, Amit Goswami, Sisir Roy, and Frank Tipler. Other speakers will be announced soon.

The Conference will take place in Kolkata, India, on Sunday, February 12, 2017, from 10am to 7pm, in the Shivananda Hall of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. We wish to thank Swami Suparnananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, for his support.

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We are raising the funds to make the Conference happen. Bringing the invited speakers to Kolkata represents the largest cost. Other costs include production, logistics, catering, IT, and video support. In fact, for those who can’t come to Kolkata in person, we will provide live video streaming and produce professional video recordings of all talks.

On September 1, after the summer period, we will launch a public crowdfunding campaign to cover the Conference’s costs. Backers will receive benefits including admission, full video proceedings and extras on DVD, and access to live video streaming. In the meantime, with this early call for support, we wish to contact committed backers and bring them into the production team.

The India Awakens Conference Production Team:
Lincoln Cannon, Nupur Munshi, Giulio Prisco, Kathy Wilson

India Awakens Conference