• fartorizon

    ‘Actors aren’t going to be real, they’re going to be inside a computer’: Marlon Brando’s eerie premonitions from beyond the grave ::: Digitized and reconstituted, Brando imagined actors would have a voice and life beyond themselves. He even had his head scanned and mapped onto a computer at one point by friend and visual effects pioneer Scott Billups, recording facial expressions so as to be replicated in the digital age. ::: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/09/arts/listen-to-me-marlon-documentary-film/index.html

    • spud100

      Hi Brad,

      I am doubtful that the company, in question, has the mojo to reproduce a mind. Color me a doubting Thomas. What seems more technically likely to me? Copying someone while they live and breathe, or with a magic technology, tranfer someone’s electron patterns, nd upload them to a happy, virch, terarium.

      How far of? Barring some superb breakthrough I am supposing centuries (500 years as a guess) AI rising, as a super-capable database (Weak AI) which leaps over technical bottlenecks. I have no idea if this is achievable, only that it seems easier than Strong AI which is wonderfukl science fiction, but kind of a threat, more than salvation. Can we get one without the other?

      • Giulio Prisco

        Spud, you are more pessimist than me! Smart avatar technology seems to me quite doable in a mere century (barring unexpected roadblocks, asteroid impacts, extinction-level wars and all that).

    • Giulio Prisco

      Kudos to Brando for his vision, but I think the term “actors” is misleading here. Actors are defined by they ability to play their characters in film. With smart avatars powered by AI, you can build a character directly, so you don’t need an actor to play him.

  • fartorizon

    New company claims they’ll be able to RESURRECT THE DEAD by 2045
    Entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra attracted a lot of attention when he announced his new artificial intelligence company Humai. Why? Because he claims that by 2045, they’ll be able to resurrect the dead.
    The new company are aiming to “extend and enhance life” by freezing human brains for extended periods of time using cryonics, a deep freezing technology using very low
    temperatures, and then putting them into artificial bodies.
    But Josh claims the company’s ultimate goal is to preserve a human brain BEFORE a person dies.

    • Giulio Prisco

      There isn’t much content on the Humai website, just this:

      “We want to transplant your brain into an elegantly designed bionic body called Humai. Your Humai will use a brain-computer interface to communicate with the sensory organs and limbs of your new bionic body. Artificial intelligence will be integrated into synthetic organs, so they can operate independently. Sensor technology will allow you to feel the essence of human experience. As your brain matures, genetic engineering will help fight the aging process, while advancements in nanotechnology will offer extensive tissue repair and regeneration, including the repair of individual brain cells, one molecule at a time.”

      • fartorizon

        some more data here https://www.reddit.com/r/Cyberpunk/comments/3yl822/humai_we_want_to_transplant_your_brain_into_an/

        –quote– Well first you contact them, “register your interest”. After that you can enter your area of expertise. And now most recently I got an email asking me to fill in a form by selecting which area of expertise from their list that I come under most appropriately. This helps with the issue of skill translation – see when I say I have a degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, what you don’t hear is that I thus have experience in Neuro-biology/Neuro-Science, have covered Robotic Mechanics and Electrical Engineering etc. So their list is a way of getting on the same page if that makes sense? Anyway here’s their list:

        Cognitive Science (Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience)

        Bio-medical Engineering

        Robotics (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)


        Bionic Prosthesis

        Synthetic Biology.

  • magnus

    Let’s see when the first site pops up and offers you immortality for only a few thousand dollars. Or, maybe it has already.

    I ‘m planning for a kind of ‘scandinavian ‘taste of cosmism’. It will be a kind of declaration with a few assumptions.
    It wont predict a certain year for the great breakthrough and I think the first resurrection project is located verey far away in the future. To reach that future, it is at least necesarry to survive and make our quest legitime. If one offers immortality now for 3000 dollars, I don’t believe that this will make our quest more legitime. I think, as many of you, that we must have a balance between realistic hints of possible solutions to the problem of death and critical thinking.

    E n d u r a n c e on the level of society is one of the important aspects of our work. Could that be promoted?

    About existential problems and pure survival, we have the preppers/survivalists communities.
    Are there some transhuman preppers? If not, maybe it’s time to reach out for them? Because, it would be annoying to fail only because we have some ‘medium catastrophe’.


    • Giulio Prisco

      Hi Magnus, I look forward to tasting your scandinavian cosmism, if it’s as good as the IKEA meatballs (yes, I love those) then I’m on.

      Whether an immortality/resurrection offer is legitimate or a scam depends not only on the details of the offer, but also on your basic metaphysical assumptions. Here’s an (extreme) example: if you accept Open Individualism metaphysics, then I can offer you (and everyone else) the certainty of immortality and resurrection for free, right now. See:

      I just read in the news that the $1,000 genome is almost a reality. So, if you accept that a softcopy version of your genome plus a sufficiently rich mindfile (see link below) are sufficient to resurrect a valid version of you, then I can offer you the possibility of resurrection for a few thousands bucks.

      If you accept that future weird quantum time magic technology based on yet to be discovered Akashic physics could be able to resurrect the dead, and that our descendants could choose to implement Fedorov’s Common Task, then again I can offer you the possibility of resurrection for free. Or perhaps with just one little condition: you should try to be one of the good guys and live a life worth restoring.

      And so forth…

      Great discussion themes, keep ’em coming!

      • Nupur Munshi

        Sir, I chose the third option and please help me to be a good person.
        Sir will my loved ones who passed away and the ones who are still alive be resurrected in the same manner(ie. the third option).

        • Giulio Prisco

          Yes Nupur, your loved ones will be resurrected in the same manner. As usual, I am using “will” more in the sense of intention than in the sense of inevitability. It’s a project that will span millennia, like building a cathedral that reaches the stars. We have to work hard at that and motivate future generations to work even harder at that.

          • Nupur Munshi

            Thanks.These inspiring words really keep us going and gives us peace. Sir,on the occasion of Swami Vivekanada’s 153rd birth anniversary on the 12th of January ,I wrote a small introduction to the compilation of his inspiring quotes as you suggested. I would like it to feature as a tribute on respected Swamiji’s birthday tomorrow. Thank you.

          • Giulio Prisco

            Hi Nupur, please send it in!

          • Nupur Munshi

            I am sending it in your mail now, for it to publish tomorrow as 12th Jan is Swamiji’s birthday.
            I was just watching Dr.Bainbridge’s talk,thanks for the video…I couldn’t attend yesterday.

  • Alistair

    Hi, just released a virtual reality Church Psalms experience for GearVR, downloads are going really well: http://www.immersive-gaming.com/2016/09/25/pslams-experience-on-samsung-gear-vr/

    • Giulio Prisco

      Wow that’s cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • Vivi

    Hey Prisco, could make a post or a tab in your site with all your recommended books related to Turing Church? In multiple posts of yours, I’ve seen mentions of books that looked interesting and so I bought them. It’d be nice to see more, it looks like you’ve read a lot of good books.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Hi Vivi, great idea, I’ll do that. A problem is that, since I’ve read and continue to read a lot of good books, creating a useful annotated list of recommended readings will take some time. The challenge is not what to put in, but what to leave out.