Turing Church meetings in Second Life

As part of the Turing Church VR initiative to establish Turing Church groups in current and next-generation virtual worlds, we started regular meetings in Second Life.

UPDATED on Dec. 28 – The first meeting took place on Sunday, December 27 in a Stonehenge-themed garden in the Terasem sim (pictures below). I think Stonehenge, which included a celestial observatory as well as religious, mystical, and spiritual elements, is an ideal theme. We discussed organization and format, and of course the usual mix of mind uploading, personality capture, techno-immortality and transhumanist religion.

Thanks to the ten avatars from all over the planet who participated in the first meeting, and special thanks to Bill Bainbridge, the renowned sociologist and author of seminal papers on virtual worlds and new religions.

Turing Church meeting in virtual Stonehenge

Future meetings will take place on the second and fourth Sunday of each month, at 8:30am Pacific time (11:30am Eastern time, 5:30pm European time, 4:30pm GMT). This time is convenient for participants in the US (morning), Europe (late afternoon), and India (late evenings). Please check the time if you are in another timezone.

[Click here to teleport to Stonehenge @Terasem] or teleport directly to Terasem, 180/180/31.

Future meetings will feature themed discussions at the intersection of science and spirituality, technology and religion. Discussion topics and reading materials will be announced here before the meetings. Please join the Turing Church group in Second Life. Turing Church VR will be both a futurist sci/tech salon and a virtual church. See “Virtual reality a new frontier for religions.”

Turing Church meeting in virtual Stonehenge

The first meetings will take place in Second Life, but we are following the development of next-generation virtual worlds like Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity and Linden Lab’s Project Sansar, both of which should become stable and publicly available in 2016, and will set up outposts there as soon as practical.

We wish to thank Terasem’s founder Martine Rothblatt for allowing Turing Church meetings on the Terasem sim. See the Terasem Central and Terasem Faith websites.

Cover image from Wikipedia Commons.

  • Nupur Munshi

    I am extremely happy to have attended the meeting last evening from India. Experience of a lifetime . Though I missed the first part hope to catch up on time next meeting.Stringed musical instruments like Sitar and Sarod could have transcendental effect on the listeners,we talked this as well! Thank you so much Dr. Prisco and Dr.Bainbridge. Sir could I please share the second image on facebook .

    • Giulio Prisco

      We were all happy to see you there, and look forward to seeing you next time – Sunday January 10 at the same time (remember to come one hour earlier than yesterday).

      Perhaps you could find some good background music from Sitar and Sarod?

      Feel free to share everything you like. The second image is here:

      • Nupur Munshi

        Thanks for the picture. Yes sure .If we have the provision for sharing music in SL then why not.I hope I too have the provision to do so.