Vanishing Point

The quest for Akashic physics

Perhaps everything that ever happens, including our thoughts and memories, is stored in permanent “Akashic records,” a cosmic memory field hidden in yet unknown aspects of reality.

In “Esoteric Buddhism” (London, Chapman and Hall, 1885, available online as a free download), A.P. Sinnett was among the first to note that early Buddhism “held to a permanency of records in the Akâsa, and the potential capacity of man to read the same when he has evoluted to the stage of true individual enlightenment.”

The term, derived from akasha (ākāśa), a Sanskrit word for ether or space, was popularized in the West by Theosophy writers including Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner. Blavatsky thought of the Akasha as “indestructible tablets of the astral light [with] the impression of every thought we think, and every act we perform.” In modern terminology, we can think of the Akasha as a cosmic memory field that stores permanent records of everything that ever happens in the universe.

In “Demystifying the Akasha: Consciousness and the Quantum Vacuum,” mathematician Ralph Abraham and physicist Sisir Roy quote the polymath genius Ervin Laszlo:

“A universal information and memory field could exist in nature, associated with the fundamental element of physical reality physicists call the unified field… Honoring an ancient insight, this is the aspect or dimension of the unified field that I have called the Akashic Field.” – Ervin Laszlo

A version of “Demystifying the Akasha” is available online as a free download. Sisir Roy, the author of “Statistical Geometry and Applications to Microphysics and Cosmology,” is a physicist interested in the geometry of quantum space-time near the Planck scale. Ralph Abraham is a top mathematician and maverick scientist who, besides the acclaimed textbook “Foundation of Mechanics” on advanced mathematical physics, wrote about esoteric aspects of mind and physical reality with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake.

In his preface to Laszlo’s “The Connectivity Hypothesis: Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness,” Abraham wrote: “When a great grand unified theory will appear it will very likely conform to the prophetic vision of Ervin Laszlo.” After “The Connectivity Hypothesis,” Laszlo wrote a simplified but thoughtful account of his ideas in “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything,” and then several related books.

Demystifying the Akasha” is a short and compact book that covers a huge territory including Western and Eastern philosophies and religions, the foundations of quantum physics, and recent advances in quantum gravity theories and the digital physics of discrete space-times. Fully understanding everything requires specialized knowledge of all those fields, but the book is readable and has something for everyone. The references, a careful selection of the best related writings, fill the gaps in the book.

“We have repurposed a mathematical model for the quantum vacuum, originally due to Requardt and Roy, as a model for consciousness,” note the authors. “Demystifying the Akasha” includes the full text of the 2001 article by Requardt and Roy titled “(Quantum) Space-Time as a Statistical Geometry of Fuzzy Lumps and the Connection with Random Metric Spaces.”

Modern quantum physics shows that the vacuum, the simplest configuration of space-time, has a complex dynamic structure. “The quantum vacuum is a seething froth sparkling with elementary particles emerging from nowhere in pairs, and after a very short time, vanishing again as they came,” write Abraham and Roy. A fundamental information field associated with the quantum vacuum is, according to Laszlo, “the deepest and most fundamental level of physical reality in the universe.”

Abraham and Roy build a model for the fundamental field based on a “pre-geometry” of dynamic cellular networks – huge graphs with internal dynamics similar to cellular automata – that exist beyond space-time, and from which the geometry of space-time is derived. The pre-geometry “contains all times” and fluctuates in an internal time-like dimension, not to be confused with ordinary time. Ordinary space and time emerge from pre-geometry.

Abraham and Roy don’t intend to propose a “final” unified theory of everything (there is no “final” in science). Rather, they intend to show a template mathematical model of reality, compatible with current scientific knowledge, which includes an Akashic information and memory field. “Our intention is to contribute a theory, more precisely a mathematical model, in which all paranormal phenomena may be understood, including quantum entanglement and the measurement problem.”

I have always realized that Akashic field theories are related to my own ideas on technological resurrection, but now I am realizing that they are essentially equivalent.

Following Fedorov and the Russian Cosmists, I have often argued that future scientists equipped with “magic” space-time technologies will be able to resurrect the dead by “copying them to the future.” For such a thing to be possible, it’s necessary that the information needed to resurrect the dead – life events, memories, thoughts, and feelings – exists somewhere out there. In other words, there must be an Akashic memory field. Conversely, if the Akashic field exists, future scientists could resurrect the dead by solving the engineering problem of how to read the Akashic records.

Therefore, following Laszlo, I will honor the ancient Akashic insights and use the term “Akashic physics” for the yet unknown physical theories upon which future resurrection technologies could be based. If seems very plausible that, as Abraham and Roy argue, future Akashic physics will be able to explain all sorts of “paranormal” phenomena.

In passing, I think the term “paranormal” is misleading because, if something happens, then it is normal, but “paranormal” is easily understandable: it includes telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, reincarnation and related phenomena that can be physically explained if the mind can extract information from the cosmic Akashic records.

There is a roadblock in the quest for Akashic physics. Apparently, information is irreversibly erased from the universe all the time. In the current standard formulation of quantum physics, information is erased in principle by the collapse of the quantum wave-function, and even in classical (non-quantum) physics information is erased in practice due to chaotic dissipation. Viable theories of Akashic physics should keep the apparently lost information safely stored.

For example, in Everett’s “Many-Worlds Interpretation” of quantum physics (MWI) the collapse of the wave-function is local to the single branch of the multiverse that our senses perceive, and the apparently lost information is scattered to other branches. Therefore, information is preserved in Everett’s multiverse, which is a possible stage for Akashic physics. In “The Fabric of Reality,” physicist David Deutsch shows that other times are just special cases of other universes. Therefore, the apparently lost information – including the life events, memories, thoughts, and feelings of everyone who ever lived – are out there in the Akashic multiverse, and future scientists could search for – and find – ways to retrieve it.

In the opening quote, A.P. Sinnett was (probably) thinking of spiritual rather than technological means to read the Akashic records, but Robert Pirsig’s words come to mind:

“The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of the mountain, or in the petals of a flower.” – Robert Pirsig

The scientific literature is full of ideas that could be useful in the quest for Akashic physics. Which ideas will break through? I think it’s much too early to tell. However, I will start a collaborative meta-research (research on research) project titled “Akashic Physics Roadmap” to scan scientific articles and books and find, review, cross-reference, and discuss the most interesting and promising ideas. I hope the project will be at least inspiring for the participants and permit developing some kind of rough roadmap.

A question is which web framework is the best for the project. I am thinking on a wiki based on Mediawiki (like Wikipedia), either with access control (only authorized users can contribute), or completely open (everyone can contribute). Comments and suggestions welcome.

I am happy to announce that Sisir Roy has accepted to give a talk at the forthcoming “India Awakens” conference, now in its early planning phase, which will explore Akashic physics as part of the convergence of Eastern and Western thinking.

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Note: Of course the ideas of Laszlo, Abraham and Roy are attacked by atheists because they sound like religion. “Must we give up the freedom from Enlightenment and return to the dark ages of superstition, replacing God, the Bible and the Catholic Church for the quantum consciousness and the Akashic field, whatever those may be,” notes an atheist blogger.

Most professional scientists take special care to hide the more “mystical” implications of their work behind layers of innocuous scientific jargon to protect themselves from the academic thought-police.

  • René Milan

    Excellent. I am currently reading: Chronicles From The Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach ( While it is too early to form an opinion on its verity, under the assumption that the described phenomenon of a person of 1922 getting twixt with another living in the year 3906 was indeed experience, it may well be explicable under the assumptions of akasha. As for atheism, what is described here is not subject of exoteric religions which indeed tend to suppress attempts at independent research lest their monopoly on power gets undermined, but that of esoteric religion which does not need the idea of a theos, which means that an atheist like myself can be engaged in occult studies for decades without any cognitive dissonance. This is about science.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Thanks Rene’, super cool. I must read Chronicles From The Future.

      On the one hand, there are so many stories of this type, often well written and full of intriguing insights, that it can’t be all nonsense. I am sure Akashic physics will explain more and more “paranormal” (hate that word) phenomena scientifically. On the other hand, a lot of paranormal stories are hoaxes written by imitators to make a quick buck, and often it’s difficult to tell which is which before careful study. What I do is, I read paranormal stories as science fiction stories first (so I can at least enjoy the stories if they are good), then if I am still interested I hunt for more information.

      Re “what is described here is not subject of exoteric religions… but esoteric religions”

      Well, things are not so black and white. You know that there are lots of esoteric aspects hidden in exoteric religions. The religious authorities try to hide the esoteric elements because they threaten their power (somebody said that nothing threatens a bishop more than a real saint), but esoteric aspects are there to be found if one looks for them with an open mind. Even in Christianity and Islam.

      A great relevant quote from Ervin Laszlo:

      “The founders of the world’s great religions obtained prophetic insights from their connection to a wider reality—even if, in the course of the centuries, their followers embraced the letter of their founders’ insight and neglected its substance.”

      • Kathy Wilson

        I am glad to have that quote from Laszlo. In addition, every great culture was based on some connection to a religion or a belief system based on these “prophetic insights”.

      • René Milan

        Thanks Giulio. I do take a similar approach to these stories lest i miss the few diamonds in the dust. Obviously metaphysical phenomena can not be directly perceived by physical senses or their physical extensions, which makes the field wide open to fraud, as you point out. My first question here as in many other situations is “cui bono”. If this story was written as purported by the original author, knowing that he was about to die, he had no conceivable motive to fake it. If on the other hand the whole thing was concocted by a contemporary all he ended up with was an ebook with a slim chance to rise in the charts. But i can not form a judgement before finishing to read.

        Of course at the core of all religions is a hidden (occult) truth, hidden not malevolently by some manipulative agent but merely by the limits of understanding on the recipient’s part. At the core of xtianity lies the rosicrucian interpretation (rose and cross being roughly equivalent to lotus and diamond, shakti and shiva, yin and yang etc), and sufi understanding lies at the heart of islam. But when religion is (ab)used for the exercise of power, which unfortunately is the default case especially with those two, numerically the largest, the dogma is manipulated, the truth actively hidden, to prevent the seeker’s emancipation and perpetuate his dependence on the con game’s structure of lies.

        • Giulio Prisco

          I totally agree. First, the hidden truth glimpsed by the founder is distorted in the minds of the first followers (and perhaps of the founder himself) by the limits of human understanding, and then whatever is left is actively hidden by power-hungry hierarchies.

          Here’s the quote that I half-remembered:

          “Nothing disturbs a bishop quite so much as the presence of a saint in the parish.” (Robert Pirsig in Lila)

          • René Milan

            Beautiful quote !

        • This Way Out Productions

          Dear René,
          We assure you that this book is nothing but a translation of Dienach’s diary, written circa 1920’s. It was first published in only greek in 1972 by the Dean of Panteion University of Athens and Vice President of the National Council of Greece, Prof. George Papahatzis under the title “Η κοιλαδα των Ροδων” (The Valley of Roses). The english translation was awaited since then.

          It is not a contemporary sci-fi novel nor a screenplay. Whether it is convincing or not is to be discussed based on the contents of the diary and the predictions that have already been fulfilled.

          We are sincerely looking forward for your unbiased review!

          • René Milan

            Thank you very much. Yes i am familiar with its history as described in the introduction. And as i indicated in my comment above i have no reason to believe that it is dishonest. I am looking forward to summarising my impressions after having finished reading it.

  • Kathy Wilson

    I love this article Giulio. I have over 100 books and more articles (mostly new-age but some physics) relating to this and I am going to start to skim through them to find helpful info.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Thanks Kathy, and I look forward to seeing the gems that you will find.

      By the way, I know that you are in touch with Amit Goswami and were involved in organizing his talk in Salt Like City two years ago, perhaps you could ask him to give a talk at the India Awakens conference?

      • Kathy Wilson

        I will send him your article and make sure his appointment secretary gets back to me about his interest. She is good about following through. I think the best time to hold the conference would be early Feb 2017. Is that the approximate date so far?

        • Giulio Prisco

          Is February the best season in India (weather and all that)?

          • Kathy Wilson

            It would be in most of India the safest as far as weather is concerned, I have been in Calcutta in Feb and it was nice. Late 2016 is too early to plan because of the holidays and week- long schedules. March 2017 would be OK but after that it gets too hot. From here you need at least three days travel time. (24 hrs flight and 12 hr time adjustment) The conference needs to be in the same city as the airport because road travel between cities is often very difficult.

  • Glen Wells

    “…it can’t all be nonsense.”
    It’s improbable that it is all nonsense and probably even more improbable that it could be found all in one place, perhaps it’s not impossible that it is all nonsense, but impossible that it is all one nonsense.
    Q to Bond, “I asked you to bring the car back in one piece, not bring back one piece (of the car).

    • Giulio Prisco

      He Glen, I tried hard but I don’t get your point. ELI5?

      • Glen Wells

        I think history has had time enough to make sense of it, if there were sense to made of, and the categories of sense and nonsense aren’t the only relevant ones and perhaps not even primary ones.
        OTOH, history is just scratching the surface and it’s too early to tell :>(

  • Samantha Atkins

    If I still believed in the Akashic Record I would be off in the woods meditating much of the day as I was for a time. Then it struck me that all the “ancient wisdom” combined and all the most dedicated and noble seekers and practitioners had advanced the world far less in a thousand years than science and engineering had in a couple of hundred years. And those ancient wisdom guys had told us nothing at all about a great number of rather important aspects of reality.

    In the realm of actual science we have no reason to believe any such record of everything exists. Using science to make up some way it might be the case is a twisted way to use science.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Hi Samantha – then you should be happy to see that more and more spiritually inclined scientists are trying to combine the spiritual benefits of ancient wisdom with the practical benefits of science and engineering.

      Re “In the realm of actual science we have no reason to believe any such
      record of everything exists. Using science to make up some way it might
      be the case is a twisted way to use science.”

      Not so. For example, as I argue in the text, in Everett’s MWI the multiverse keeps permanent records of all that ever happens. Everett’s MWI (especially its Many Minds variant) is by far the most logically consistent interpretation of quantum physics. Many other interpretations of quantum physics are also compatible with the possibility of hidden records. If there are hidden records, future engineers will find and read them.

    • Glen Wells

      The two seem not to use same means, have same motives or similar opportunities, even with some overlap, the kind of ‘advancements’ differ as the means, motives and opportunities differ. The results reflect not more or less advanced but different advancements.

  • dirkbruere

    It all becomes a lot simpler if we are living in a simulation. The the Akashic record is just a backup.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Right. But perhaps our concept of what “living in a simulation” means is naive.

      That we live in a simulation is trivially true in a sense: the universe is an information processing system running an operating system that we call physical laws on computing hardware that we call particles and fields.

      If the universe is so evidently a simulation, the interesting question is whether there is a conscious intelligence running it as a sysadmin. We can call the sysadmin Cosmic Mind, or God.

      But I guess God is so different from us that thinking of a “conscious intelligence” is also naive. Perhaps the Cosmic Mind is more like a super advanced version of the intelligent ocean in Lem’s Solaris, an extremely powerful intelligence with a type of consciousness so different from ours that we wouldn’t be able to recognize.

      Backups, yes, but we shouldn’t imagine an old programmer with a white beard doing manual backups of a hard drive on DVDs. More likely the Cosmic Mind does automatic backups at the operating system level, built-in the physical laws.

      • Nupur Munshi

        Thank You, Sir. for this great article.No wonder I say you are my Hindu friend,no wonder I say there is nothing as East or West in spirituality and in pursue of truth,no wonder I say I am very much at home here at Turing Church.
        Re “The Cosmic Mind does automatic backups at the operating system level,built-in the physical laws.”
        Let me relate a very very common childhood story. We were told that In Hindu Mythology Yama the God of Death, is believed to carry the soul for an after- life, in either hell or heaven. The god decides where the soul goes and Chitragupta,another Hindu God is assigned the task of helping Yama.”Chitragupta meticulously tracks every action of every sentient life form,building up a record of them over the course of their life so that when they die the fate of their soul can be easily determined. These perfect and complete documents are referred to in mystical traditions as the Akashic records, and as they contain the actions of each person from birth to death, they can be said to contain every action taken in the universe”.(Source:

        • Giulio Prisco

          Thanks Nupur, nice story. I think a version of that story is in most or all religions.

          However, I don’t think the Gods care for our petty, provincial concepts of heaven and hell – evidently derived from our own habits of rewarding our friends and punishing our enemies.

          Too often, instead of trying to elevate ourselves to the cosmic level of God, we try to bring God down to our provincial level.

          • Nupur Munshi

            I agree with Mr.Magnus.Thanks for the magazine that epitomizes what you say here ” to elevate ourselves to the cosmic level of God “who doesn’t care of the petty aspects like punishing and rewarding.Thank you sir for the nice words.

  • magnus


    Akashic physics sounds like one very interesting way, just slightly beyond what
    “is allowed” to be thought of today.

    Dreaming a little in our windy region, I see a combination of reduced brute force methods, t.i. reduced by (maybe imperfect but somehow accesible) Akashic records, complemented with our mindfiles and with a some help from the coming hyper-archeology/quantum-archeology.
    Not to forget is the concepts in open individualism you wrote about.
    Although scary days surrounding us, I will quote W.Churchill (stolen from context, but anyway): ” Never, never, never give up:”
    Thanks for a nice Magazine. Always better than our dayli newspapers with all their …well. You know what to put on the dots!
    regards from Scandi-landi.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Hi Magnus, my point is that Akashic technology and “the coming hyper-archeology/quantum-archeology” are one and same thing – there is no difference. Having realized that, I prefer the Akashic terminology because it has a long tradition.

      I guess anything that we can exploit in practice will be imperfect, but we don’t need “perfect” records, just good enough.

  • spud100

    To get this concept going forward I would ask if there is anyone who has read if information could possibly be stored or compacted, in the vacuum of space, or maybe planck cells? I had read years ago that Lee Smolin had written briefly, of human descendents transfering their conscious to the vacuum, but nothing to follow up about?

    • Giulio Prisco

      I would be very much interested in reading what Smolin said about future humans transferring their consciousness to the quantum vacuum. I have a couple of Smolin’s books but didn’t find that.

      Clarke said pretty much the same think in “2001: A Space Odissey” – “In their ceaseless experimenting, they had learned to store knowledge in the structure of space itself, and to preserve their thoughts for eternity in frozen lattices of light. They could become creatures of radiation, free at last from the tyranny of matter.”

      I guess human consciousness needs to be instantiated in a material carrier, but matter is more than bricks. Perhaps virtual particles popping out of the quantum vacuum and back, driven by consciousness itself in a loop, qualify as consciousness carriers.

      • magnus


        First a question about the concept of false vacuum. Is there a model for possible tracks left by us in lower vacuum-states (or in higher)??? The question is of course not based on profound knowledge about this models.Not at the moment;)

        If the records are hard to hack, there is still another way to go.
        I suppose many of you reading here know about
        Greg Egan, and maybe his online text “The Planck dive”, found at

        which explores a wonderful idea about alternative computation, like in many of his books, although not with our desireed outcome.

        “Cartan Null will be made of counter-rotating beams of light,counterrotating beams, falling into a black hole, and where the colliding photons due to strong blueshift -high energy creates particle-antiparticle pair.” (Greg Egan)

        So, why as a reply here? Well, I think in the case that the information from the past in the proposed Akashicis records is not available, hard to hack, the parallell/complementary way is to look for infinite computation, or very dureable computation (many many many steps).
        The (future) problem is, that we might find or create devices, from where you can’t escape, like in the story. And getting trapped like that just for the experience is not the way of everyone.

        In the remote future, when it might be possible to explore this possibilities, there still might be a chance of getting trapped in a short, finite VR, without the possibility of knowing before. There is a way out of this: Let unconscious scientists explore there new surroundings. If they find a positive answer, t.i. yes, we can compute for a very long time or we can get back, then you wake up the conscious passenger.

        If they are not sure, then let the passengers stay static.

        And, with infinite computation, we can do the Tiplerian thing, the brute force resurrection. But, how to solve the problem with all the beeings suffering to much? Well, if they suffer to much, do “zombiefication”, t.i. replace them with unconscious beeings, so that the history stays as it should be if it was real somewhere in the multiverse, but the suffering one will have something better. So, with infinite computation, or, how to say it, high (?) computation, we can also solve the problem of death (assuming patternism).
        I give no promise, but when the circumstances are good for such a doing, I will try to dig into this subject and share whatever i find.
        regards from a sunny sweden.


        • Giulio Prisco

          Hi Magnus,

          re “Is there a model for possible tracks left by us in lower vacuum-states (or in higher)???”

          I don’t understand what you mean by lower vs higher vacuum.

          The model described by Abraham and Roy is a model for traces that we leave in the fabric of space-time. As I argue in the text, Everett’s MWI and all variants is another.

          Actually, all of physics including classical physics and thermodynamics is a model for the traces that we leave (if your bed is warm it probably means that you slept there recently). However, those traces dissipate quickly and – according to current consensus – become indistinguishable from noise.

          Yes, of course I read Egan’s “Planck Dive.” I love Egan’s works even if he does not have all the answers. Nobody has all the answers at this moment.

          Re “with infinite computation, we can do the Tiplerian thing, the brute force resurrection. But, how to solve the problem with all the beeings suffering to much? Well, if they suffer to much, do “zombiefication”, t.i. replace them with unconscious beeings.”

          I am not sure. You can’t replace a conscious being in a simulation with a zombie any more than you can replace a bot in WoW with a rock – it wouldn’t be the same thing, and not even a practically useful approximation.

          But I think we should worry about how to cross that bridge when we get there. The answer might be too simple for us to understand at his moment. (that wasn’t a typo, I really said “too simple.”)

      • spud100

        My memory seems to indicate it was a line from Smolin’s 2007(?) book. Alternatively, it could have been a Scientific American article back then. (?) I am not sure of what are the advantages of of Loop Quantum Gravity, over String Theory, and what’s the difference? Moreover, as an indvidual, I always ask opf science articles, announcements, and books, and tv, “how can this help us?” Scientists do not like my point of view.

        By personality, I tend to sort or cherry pick things scientists say and apply this to my own crazy goals. Such as the recent depiction of dark matter strands being nearly everywhere. Then I think, either, “Ah! a path to the afterlife, or aha! the universe encoding all things, akashically-speaking.” This is my own personal flaw and I am owning up to it.


  • Giulio Prisco

    [Akashic physics] involves ultra-powerful quantum computers that could one day map the past and track back through events through the laws of determinism to resurrect every person who has ever existed throughout history…

  • Lutz Barz

    Akashic Records is pure fantasy. Doubling this with quantum or any science is disingenuous in that it wants, craves acceptance because it obviously cannot stand on its own ethereal legs

    • Giulio Prisco

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please note that you said nothing. You claim that something is “pure fantasy” without offering any arguments in support of your claim.

      This seems rather cheap to me, especially in view of the fact that there are top scientists, mentioned in the text with links to their books and writings, who support the idea of Akashic records. Note also that some of the founding fathers of quantum physics, including Heisenberg, Schroedinger, and Pauli, expresses interest and tentative support for the idea (though without using the term “Akashic Records” explicitly.

      If you want to have a discussion, please give me real scientific arguments that I can reply to. I am waiting.

      • Lutz Barz

        please. pure fantasy cannot be queried because one would query something that does not exist. imagination aside. if there is this web-mind-space-aether-embedded fog of knowledge – there – wherever then why did it take 5 thousand years to get to e=mc2? if like the platonic imagery of some sort of Ur-template of all wisdom knowledge and thought and backed up by wise mental architects of divine wisdom – then how can thousands of yoga-meditating practitioners [and I have been breathing meditatively for 30 yrs and yes it is amazing what is beyond consciousness – ] miss so much that is there for so long over so many millennia. This Akashic records [and I have the Steiner book] is a romantic indulgence. Science it is not. In case you wonder I have retired as a metallurgist and later as a sociologist as well. I have been on both sides of the scientific endeavour. And the quantum physicists were not into Steiner’s flight of fancy. Capiche?

        • Giulio Prisco

          Again, you said nothing. There isn’t one single scientific argument in your rant. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could stop wasting your time and mine. Capiche?