Giulio Prisco

Modern Cosmism Conference – video and slides of my talk

The video of my talk at the Modern Cosmism Conference on October 10 in New York is now online on YouTube.

Kudos to the Cosmism Foundation technical team for a good video recording with clear sound. The presentation slides, not always readable due to the lighting conditions, are embedded below.


The organizers are uploading the videos of the Modern Cosmism talks to the Cosmism Foundation YouTube channel. The talks of Ben Goertzel, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, and Randal A. Koene are online at this moment, and I guess all talks will be online in a few days.

Abstract: I will argue that intelligent life among the stars might be advanced beyond our understanding and able to influence space-time events anytime, anywhere, including here and now, steer the evolution of the physical universe with space-time engineering, resurrect the dead from the past, and elevate love and compassion to the status of fundamental forces, key drivers for the evolution of the universe.

Far future generations of evolved, post-biological humans might spread to the stars and join the community of extremely advanced civilizations. This Cosmist vision, based on science, is essentially equivalent to religion and can play a similar role.

I will present the work of the Turing Church, a working group that operates at the intersection of highly imaginative science, technology, and spirituality, to outline a minimalist, open, extensible Cosmist vision based on science but able to offer the emotional benefits of religion without the flaws of many traditional religions. Finally, I will discuss possible options and strategies to offer mental and emotional wellness, based on our Cosmist vision, to a wider audience.

  • spud100

    I watched your video and part of Professor Goertzel’s. Have you come away with any come away with any conclusion since the conference?



    • Giulio Prisco

      The only conclusion so far is that the time for Cosmism as a new synthesis of science and spirituality, and a practical philosophy for our transhuman future, has come. More soon.