Modern Cosmism Conference

Modern Cosmism Conference, New York, October 10

The Modern Cosmism Conference on October 10 in New York City promises to be a super must-go event dedicated to a fresh, modern interpretation and formulation of Cosmism. I will be there, and I hope to see you there.

Modern Cosmism Conference
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015
Location: New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64 Street, Manhattan, 10023
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The conference is organized by the Cosmism Foundation of Vlad Bowen. While Vlad’s approach to Cosmism seems totally compatible with my own, he makes more concessions to New-Age-ish spirit and language – which isn’t really “New” since it comes directly from the Russian Cosmists.

Vlad’s formulation of Cosmism is more detailed than my deliberately minimalist version and includes some of what I would call “geography.”

However, Vlad’s ideas are compatible with R.U. Sirius’ summary of Cosmism and Ben Goertzel’s “A Cosmist Manifesto.” Therefore, in the let-1000-flowers-bloom spirit of The Turing Church, I welcome Vlad as a spiritual brother and wish his initiative all the best. I think Vlad’s New-Age-ish Modern Cosmism could be more successful than other attempts to reload and popularize Cosmism.

Vlad will be speaking on “Modern Cosmism and Transhumanism” on Thursday, July 30, at the “Our Transhuman Futures” conference at Juniata College.

Conference Description:

Cosmism was originated in Russia more than a hundred years ago. That was an esoteric futuristic philosophy about post-humanity, technological immortality, resurrection and cosmic expansion. Early Russian cosmists proposed the idea of decompaction (lightweighting) of the human body, that eventually wouldn’t need an atmosphere and would be powered directly by solar energy. They call it “radiant humanity” – a perfect society of highly moral and super-conscious beings merging and colonizing the whole Universe. Modern Cosmism brings to this doctrine an ontological foundation, a scientific structure and a deeper comprehension of possible technology.

Cosmism will “work closely together” with Transhumanism on the transition period until consciousness uploading becomes possible. Then, most likely humanity will be divided in two main directions: an Earth-based genetically improved biological civilization and a departing digital society, creating a new cosmic reality where the concepts of truth, consciousness, freedom and happiness will be deeply revised.

The conference will review the critical question about meeting and joining with other cosmic civilizations and suggest some answers concerning their “eerie silence”. We will touch some related problems in cosmology, and astrophysics such as the shape and future of the Universe, black hole information paradox, multidimensional space, dark energy and interpretation of quantum mechanics. Are they a separate arrow of time? Are there exceptions to the principle of causality?

Like no other area of philosophy and technology before, Modern Cosmism raises fundamental questions about the post human nature and how it will be connected to the reality and why we should eventually get rid of our biological hardware. How we can define Cosmic Evolution and what is the role of intelligent life? Is the structure of reality included the consciousness? Is this possible to create a Universe in a lab?

Are there limits to the functional simulations of consciousness? Will we be able to create super intelligent agents with consciousness and feelings? What are the limits of artificial capacities we should create? Could we enhance our own humanity by genetically redesign our nature?

The conference will address fundamental philosophical issues that arise with the future design and use of artificial consciousness, mind uploading and cyber-immortality. How will our concepts of subjectivity, perception, and morality change, if we will live in mega-consciousness environment where you can experience multiple presence, personality, gender (or no gender at all) and unlimited kinds of artificial feelings? What is a possible ramification and consequences of digital consciousness? Cosmism suggested that the profound nature of the reality is also digital and it utilizes existential source code coming from Being that is using “radiant humanity” for its own preservation and modification.

Our keynote and plenary speakers are well-known international protagonists of Cosmism, Transhumanism and interdisciplinary researchers. Their lectures will discuss the most important current issues of Modern Cosmism from the point of view of philosophy, technology, ethics, robotics, psychology, and anthropology.

  • magnus

    Hello again,
    I m looking forward to take part of the records of the conference.
    Unfortunately is realtime participation not an option for me, but I
    will be there in spirit.
    Some years ago we had a very leveled philosophy circle in southern
    Sweden, city Lund, organised by mr Arno Werner. Among the most interesting
    speakers was Prigogine.
    Arno Werner is unfortunately not alive, but the circle is somehow resurrected.
    Maybe I should contact them and asking for more on transhumanistic thoughts
    on their agenda in the future?
    Of course, the societal impact from such a circle is probably not that strong. But in this region it s not that simple to say yes to an improved humanity. Boring questions, like ‘what to do with all those 200 years old people, it won t be economic ‘ I have encountered often enough to call it a swedish concensus meme, at least in political correct areas like education and administration.
    Well, yesterday I had a positive experoence, meet an old pupil of mine. What he recalled was my talk about the simulation possibility, and he asked me for the name of mr Bostrom.
    It happens from now and then that they remeber this parts of my work, and i hope this will be a seed in adesored transhuman direction.
    What I would like to say is actually that we need some kind of event of the above kind in sweden.
    And, as I see, that will be my try in the next years.
    For that purpose, I started making a homepage. It s not s not ‘out’ yet..but you can all have a preview at
    The more ready version will be on another location.

    It s main goal is to be a condenced version of the transhuman stuff that is written on the web and a ‘consious part’ of the swarmwise way from the turing church.
    Because of my lack of time, i will use it as a sort of reference,t.i. less blogglike, low frequent updates.
    It s a kind of counterpart to Nupurs India awakens.

    • Nupur Munshi

      Glad to see India Awakens in that prestigious list. Regards from rainy India!

      • magnus

        Thank you, Nupur.
        I ll do my best duribg the autumn. I believe that the idea of resurrection through some kind of future technology is such an important idea that must be replicated through time and to all culturs on our planet.
        The great challenge at the moment is, I believe, to bridge the gap between different ideologies and beliefs, but also a quest about pure survival. Our planet is at the moment shivering from possibilities, also unpleasant ones.
        Today , at least, regards from a halfway sunny sweden.

        • Giulio Prisco

          Yes, hoping in some kind of psychologically acceptable resurrection through some kind of future technology, even if both “some kind of” are left unspecified at this moment, could do mental good to a lot of people around the planet, and therefore do tangible good to society and put it on the path that will permit, someday, achieving wonderful dreams including technological resurrection itself. It’s a circle that we should try to put in motion.

          I am happy to see your and Nupur’s initiative and look forward to seeing many other flowers bloom.