Three Turing Church projects

So these are my Turing Church projects. Feel free to start yours.

1) – An anthology of short science fiction stories about technological resurrection, coming back to life in the far future universe, the life of immortal uploads among the stars and all that stuff. The book will be professionally edited and formatted, and published in e-book format (.epub and .mobi).
These days books are easily found on the Torrent networks. What happens is that:
a) – If nobody reads your book, you don’t make money because nobody reads the book.
b) – If a lot of people read your book, you don’t make money because someone puts the book on The Pirate Bay.
So, I am inclined to just distribute the book as a free download, and ask for donations instead of payment.
I will contact the authors who have published suitable short stories on the Turing Church and skefi’a websites, and of course I will be delighted to receive submissions.

2) – A virtual gathering place and services/talks program using advanced virtual reality and videoconferencing systems. I tried to launch similar projects in the past (see Turing Church Talks and Turing Church Workshops), but previous attempts were not very successful. Perhaps the technologies used were not yet robust or user-friendly enough?
A related consideration is that the really new thing brought by the Internet has been powerful asynchronous communication, so perhaps insisting on synchronous communication feels like going back, sort of. In fact, a problem in organizing online gatherings is choosing a date/time suitable for participants in different timezones. Another problem is that many participants pay attention only at the last moment, to realize that they didn’t read the instructions and don’t know what to do to participate.
However, I will try again, perhaps with new technologies and ideas. Of course, I will be delighted if others want to collaborate, doing this well requires too much time and effort for one person.

3) – My own book, (tentatively) titled “Tales of the Turing Church,” has been for years in the making and won’t be finished anytime soon. Perhaps in one or two years. Some draft chapters have been published on this and other websites (see for example here and here).
I hope to put together a more or less consistent (but without insisting too much on consistency) account of my favorite ideas and hopes about life, the universe and everything. As in 1) I plan to distribute a professionally edited and formatted e-book online as a free download.
Before publication, I will ask a group of friends familiar with the subject matter to criticize the book and help me to find/correct weak arguments and all sorts of mistakes.

Work in progress

Image: Pixabay.

  • Stephen Kagan

    Sounds good. I’m in.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Great to have you on board Stephen. I think all your short stories that I have seen so far are suitable for 1). By the way, I plan to finish Augmented Dreams today, thanks for the wild ride. I will write a review real soon.

  • Nupur Munshi

    What a day to launch the projects.Today in India we celebrate ‘Makar Sankranti’ ‘the holy phase of transition’ regarded as a very auspicious day. Good wishes from India Awakens

    • Giulio Prisco

      “The Holy Phase of Transition” is very auspicious indeed!
      So – what is your project?

  • Nupur Munshi

    Well ! I am doing something . I am not going to tell you now.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Cool! Take your time, the Holy Phase of Transition is in no hurry, we are for the long run.

  • Nupur Munshi

    Thanks! I have been talking about your ideas to a good number of people from all works of life. It is a big challenge for me particularly because in India most of the people are not aware of the term ‘resurrection’. Sir you know that we believe in ‘reincarnation’.In that case it will indeed take some time and your guidance to come up with a project.

    • Giulio Prisco

      Well, the only difference between (the usual definitions of) resurrection and reincarnation is that in the first case you get to keep your memory and in the second you don’t.

      A related question is whether it makes any sense to say that one is still “the same person” without memory of a previous life. Perhaps here there is a real philosophical difference between the two binary answers YES and NO. As usual, my answer is not binary, because I see identity as a grey continuum of degrees of selfness.

      Another difference is that I see reincarnation, resurrection or whatever as something that is not (necessarily) built-in and spontaneously provided by the fabric of spacetime, but rather can/will be purposefully engineered by intelligent life.

  • Nupur Munshi

    Thank you! Can I put it this way,then, that all beings with their past present and future lives are coming back with memory and identity intact but in a more advanced form with the help of intelligent life.

    • Giulio Prisco

      That’s a good summary to begin explaining our ideas. Of course there are many qualifiers and related considerations to be added, but I think a first explanation should be short and simple like this. The key point that makes the difference between our ideas and traditional formulations of religion is “with the help of intelligent life.”