Turing Church online discussion spaces

I created a Turing Church subreddit: r/turingchurch. This post is about existing and future Turing Church online discussion spaces.


Why a subreddit in addition to the Turing Church website, mailing list, Facebook page and group, and the Google+ community?

Because different people like different things. I have an old-fashioned preference for good old mailing lists, but these days most people prefer other ways to communicate online, and some excellent mailing lists are languishing because email is considered too old and slow. Facebook is very fast and immediate, but some people hate it. Google+ isn’t catching on, and Diaspora never took off.

The late lamented Wave is no more. I think Google pulled it off because understanding Wave required a few minutes of thinking and perhaps even, God forbid, reading the instructions. Not the one-click attention-less gratification that we expect today.

Twitter is great, but I don’t think every project needs a separate feed. Twitter is personal, just add #hashtags to connect your tweets with communities.

Reddit seems a good experiment to try.  If it works, great! If not, too bad, and let’s try something else. I always liked Reddit a lot but never used it that much, so at least I will learn something.

The Turing Church is a child of the global Internet, with a few enthusiasts scattered all over the world but no critical mass anywhere, so it critically depends on online communications. Finding the best online communication tools is challenging, because what works for one group doesn’t necessarily work for another, so trial/error and never ending experimentation is the way to go.

I am still hopeful that virtual worlds will catch on, and I am confident that eventually they will. But thst isn’t happening yet, and previous attempts to establish a Turing Church community in VR worlds (Second Life and OpenQwaq) didn’t attract many participants. Perhaps Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity? I am watching HF closely and look forward to establishing a Turing Church VR outpost there.

At this moment the family of Turing Church online discussion spaces is:

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