Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance, on Venus+X

The recently relaunched website Venus+X, founded by my friends Alison Gardner and Dan Massey (1942-2013) and now managed by Alison alone, has serialized and published a chapter of my forthcoming book “Tales of the Turing Church.” The chapter is titled “Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance.” Enjoy, and please support Venus+X.

The three articles are dedicated to the memory of Dan Massey, a Renaissance man interested in everything under the stars, a visionary thinker, a relentless social activist, a scientist, a teacher, and a friend. Dan passed away on January 28, 2013.

Giulio Prisco’s incoming book examines Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance (Part 1)

Giulio Prisco discusses Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance (Part 2)

More on Giulio Prisco’s Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance (Part 3)

VenusPlusX is devoted to ushering in “The New Age of Sexual Freedom” – a world free from the global culture of racial, sexual, and gender oppression and violence driven by governments, religions, corporations, and social customs.

The two videos mentioned in the articles: