Soleri City in Second Life

Soleri City in Second Life is a development 3000 meters above Terasem Island, where Transhumanists may eventually gather, have displays, conduct informal gatherings or more formal seminars, and generally get acquainted with each other.

The city is named for Paolo Soleri, whose ideas on Arcology stretch back to his book, “The City in the Image of Man,” first published in 1969, and whose vision of future human civilization has many similarities with Terasem’s picture of where humankind is heading.

Click here to teleport to Soleri City (requires a Second Life viewer)

Soleri City

Soleri City has many exhibits and meeting places, including a recreation of the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise.

Terasem Avatars

Soleri City was created by Terasem members Fred and Linda Chamberlain, the founders of the cryonics organization Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Fred had his brain placed into cryostasis at Alcor in 2012.

Chronosphere says: “Frederick Rockwell Chamberlain, III was and is of absolutely critical importance to cryonics.” He was is also a pioneer of the new science of cybernetic life, and of absolutely critical importance to us, his friends.

Fred and Linda Chamberlain incorporated Alcor in 1972; the minutes of those early Alcor meetings can be viewed by those who might be interested. “His physical presence will be missed by many friends, biological family and chosen family until technology allows a future instantiation to be with us once again,Linda says.

Fred and Linda

Fred had a great first (and second) life, and I am honored to be his friend. In the picture above, with Linda, Fred is wearing a shirt with “Mind uploading – the ultimate out of body experience!” I took the picture at the the Terasem monthly gathering and annual graduation in Vermont, in October 2011. This is how I want to remember Fred, until next time: smiling, in a beautiful sunny day, full of enthusiasm for a wonderful future.

Though I will have to carry on alone for both of us for a short while before we see each other in cyberspace, Fred is still part of all of us in the Terasem Collective Consciousness and we will continue to enjoy his warm creativity again soon as well as through his poetry and many writings,says Linda. “As they say on the Star Pebble, See you in the next cycle.

The great Truths of Terasem weekly podcasts, by Fred and Linda, are available on iTunes, and transcripts are available on the Truths of Terasem podcasts website.

I am with Fred and Linda in the video below. The second part of the video shows a helicopter ride around Soleri City, followed by a nose dive down to Terasem Island.

“Someday soon, Second Life and other VR’s like it will become true ‘parallel universes,’ where first many of those there will spend most of their time, via full immersion suits that will allow them to feel as much a part of the environment as the nine foot high Navi avatars felt, to the humans who used them to wander about the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar. Increasingly though, strong AI personages will make their appearances, more and more obviously self-conscious and able to think, move far more rapidly than those who are still tied to biological platforms (their bodies, in those full-immersion suits).

Finally, those who have built highly developed mindfiles will begin to join those strong AI’s, as an even more unified part of the emergent cybercivilization that will begin to attract more and more of those in immersion suits to move their identities wholly into cyberspace, after high resolution brain scans have been made, and those who may have arrived a bit earlier based on mindfiles alone will begin augmenting their identities taken from cryopreserved brains or those whose brains have been chemostabilized, based on work of the BPF (Brain Preservation Foundation).

At some stage a “tipping point” will turn a trickle into a deluge, as projected in an early short story on uploading as a logical outcome of cryonics, ‘Nothing’s Impossible.'” – Fred and Linda Chamberlain, June 2011.