Will Google enable Teletravel in a Surrogate Reality World?

The year is 2025 and there’s a raging snow storm outside. The world is a pale shade of white and gray. You wake up and instinctively look around the bedroom to locate the amber dot glowing on your G-Glass iteration #4 (4th generation upgrade) visor.

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Einstein’s Bridge, by John G. Cramer

Einstein’s Bridge, published in 1997, is the second science fiction novel of physicist John G. Cramer, after Twistor in 1989. Both are solid and entertaining hard science fiction novels, but Einstein’s Bridge is much more interesting: alternate histories, good aliens, bad aliens, super technologies, magic genetics and quantum communications, and the destruction of humanity by monster bugs, undone by intrepid inter-universal travelers.

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Amit Goswami in Salt Like City, November 14, 2013

On the evening of November 14th at the Huntsman Cancer Institute Auditorium, Dr Amit Goswami will be presenting a lecture on how the science of quantum physics is providing profound insights into our understanding of healing and the power of integrative health and medicine.

Dr Goswami is one of the world’s leading quantum physicists and is the author of many best selling books on theoretical physics including “The Self-Aware Universe” and “The Quantum Doctor”.

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When Hawks did his first laboratory experiment in december 2017 he was looking for a means to push dirt from flat screen solar panels using minimum electrical current. Hawks was a poor researcher working in some dismal US east coast laboratory and he had a pretty dismal methamphetamine habit. So he didn’t realize the implications of his repulsor plate technology. In his private references he briefly mentioned the consequences of the uncannily range of the push. He saw no practical application for the technology and assumed marketing this would be nothing but misery, with all the patent trolls of that era, so he put it up for auction to the highest bidder. Within 12 hours hobbyists world wide had appropriated the blueprints for the repulsor plates and were printing and improving upon the original design. It took 3 weeks for someone to come up with a completely new application.

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New website: skefi’a science/fiction

I launched a new website, open to contributions, for things that don’t fit here, mostly science/fiction and occasional political rants.

skefi’a science/fiction
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skefi’a (meaning “hard science fiction” or “science/technology-oriented science fiction” in Lojban) is a science/fiction magazine featuring science fiction news and reviews, interviews, highly imaginative sf-like science and technology, and short science fiction stories (and occasional blog posts on everything else now and then).