Hangout On Air: Transhumanists discuss Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’

It’s easy to predict that Dan Brown’s Inferno will be a bestseller, probably followed by a successful film, and the first introduction to transhumanism for millions of readers. This is an important moment in the history of transhumanism – but good or bad? I participated in a discussion organized by London Futurists via Hangouts On Air.

Hangout On Air: Transhumanists discuss Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ | London Futurists – ‘Inferno‘ is the latest of a series of page-turning novels by best-selling author Dan Brown.

Without revealing any spoilers, it can be said that characters in Inferno discuss themes that are of deep concern to many futurists. These include the drawbacks of exponential growth, environmental stress, the potential emergence of post-humans, and the philosophy of transhumanism.

Previous books by Dan Brown have drawn sharp criticism from people in organisations such as the Catholic Church and the Freemasons, who have asserted that he rides roughshod over historical fact.

Should supporters of transhumanism be worried about the treatment of this philosophy in his new book? The question is especially pertinent, since ‘Inferno’ is likely to provide many millions of readers with their first exposure to transhumanism.

This “London Futurist Hangout on Air” featured a live discussion between several leading writers about transhumanism, who have read ‘Inferno’ and who have interesting opinions about the book.

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