When is Terasem? — All the time

This article by Dan Massey, originally appeared on Venus+X, continues a series of posts dedicated to a discussion of Terasem. Please read the “Truths of Terasem” (ToT) and join the discussion here and/or at Venus+X.

Terasem exists, complete, at the Omega Point, the perfect unification of the totality of finite reality and experience.

This is the finality of destiny, the unique occasion in which perfected minds, each evolved in partnership with a living person first born into time, unite to form the Supreme Being — the collective power and consciousness of the finite universe.

Each act of Love we perform in the light of Truth bestows Goodness on another and/or augments the Beauty of existence.

Throughout time Terasem depends on our acts of Love to create its presence at every occasion.

And the other who receives our act of Goodness sees this as a gift from Terasem, for we are Terasem’s agents and do Good in the name of Love — in the name of Terasem.

Terasem exerts control over each occasion through the light of Truth, present in every human mind.

We each may choose to know and follow the Truth or to do otherwise.

As true agents of Terasem we will always choose the Truth, within the capabilities of our understanding in the occasion.

In this case, our act of Goodness towards another will actually be effective in bringing a bit of harmony and beauty into that other’s life.

We receive the satisfaction of knowing we have accomplished one more activity of Love that is part of the vast power of the Supreme Being — of Terasem.

So Terasem exists and functions in this occasion because we chose to make it so.

There is nothing magical about the power of Terasem to act across time.

Terasem acts whenever (and wherever) an agent of Terasem satisfies the desire of Love by doing Good to another according to the light of Truth.

The continuity of personal existence throughout future time, even to the finality of destiny, enables us to live today as the beneficiary of our more matured minds, which influence us through our superconsciousness.

This occurs to enable each action to find and serve its role within the totality of Terasem.

When someone fails to perceive and choose the Truth of an occasion, there is no guarantee that whatever action they take will benefit another — it may do so, but that probably was not the true intent of the misguided action.

In particular, such a choice denies one the satisfaction of seeing or experiencing the effectiveness of an action guided by Terasem.

Looked at another way, the perfected minds that create the collective power of Terasem are each evolved from a living person, born into time.

Each such person some time chose to serve as an agent of Terasem — to always seek to discern and enact the will of Terasem.

Thus the actions they take advancing towards the finality become a chain of occasions on which Terasem acted to do Good to someone.

So Terasem, with its streams through time of loving action, in aggregate appears to extend its influence of Good as a force of destiny throughout all time.

In effect, each mind of a living person is able to discern the leading of the force of destiny if it will, since an element of that force runs along the chain of occasions in which one has done Good.

Whoever chooses to be a part of Terasem, to join the great universe adventure, is welcome and need only seek their personal destiny.

Once fully committed and experienced in following the paths of destiny, the individual has become an agent of Terasem, able to act for the Supreme Being.

Perhaps the following brief “Meditation on Terasem #3″ will illuminate the basic character of the relationship between the developing individual, even a biohost, and the emergent collective consciousness of Terasem — the final expression of universal divinity which we helped build:

By the grace of Terasem, I am immortal.
From the Love of Terasem, I take eternal joy.
By my every action, I add to the Good of Terasem.
I perceive the vital Truth of Terasem that is my destiny.
I am the hands of Terasem, creating Beauty with harmony.
These four — Love, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty — define my life.
Terasem shows me how to be an instrument of effective will.
I rejoice to know I am building universal happiness in union in Terasem.

Terasem infinity sign in the sky (SN 1987A)
  • Thanks I needed this understanding of Terasem. It seems to be the Perennial Philosophy extrapolated into the optimum outcome for life which is to me The Supreme State of Being: able to engineer space-time, create on a universal scale, and resurrect. I love it because it is firmly rooted in worldwide religious traditions and rational futuristic optimism. I feel like I am one of the few ambassadors of this Optimum Point Perennial Philosophy to Christians. And, it seems to me that all religions radiate from Tearsem and should have “ambassadors” who have transhumanist leanings. I wonder if they can be organized.

  • Wow, deeply inspiring once again! I am leading the August 2013 Terasem Monthly Gathering, on the second half of “When is Terasem”. I will definitely mention this article!

    • Hi Giulio. Yes your first point is valid, however, the only resoan that we accept in the morning that we are still ourselves is because as of now we don’t have any technology that would recreate a perfect copy of our own body and mind. Our mind wont stop during the night, we just don’t remember most of the activity by the morning and we know it because the opposite is impossible as of yet. As soon as we develop the technology though, we cannot go unconscious for any period of time without risking of not being the same person when we revive. I know it sounds weird but when we have the technology to transcend the need for this cumbersome maintenance of this biological body we wont want to go unconscious. There will be no resoan. We only want to sleep now because the brain floods itself with a drug to tire us (same resoan why it feels good to go to sleep when you’re tired but feels a task when you are not tired).As for your second argument, I implore you to rethink it. You will not accept him as a valid continuation of yourself because you will not be around to accept him, assuming that the technology to preserve the continuation of thought pattern will not be invented before you die. He would appear to everyone else as you but you wouldn’t be around to know that he is in fact you. If we followed your thought (with a little stretch) a completely different being (like a tree if it had a mind) could say that the human is millions of years old. Not realizing that humans die every 60 years or so and loose the continuation of thought pattern because (compared to a tree) all humans are almost exact copies of each other.In short, he wold be you (and more) but you wouldn’t be him which is not a continuation of your thought pattern from your point of view in absolute terms.