Welcome Khannea!


Welcome to my good friend Khannea Suntzu, a restless walker on the wild side who likes to tell the bare and blunt truth. We will publish some of her (alas infrequent) positive thoughts here, see her main blog for the rest.

She is a blogger, and a far leftist critic of exclusive corporate culture, and the confluence of technological self-empowerment, paired with money. She travels the world making surprise shock rock presentations with a fine mix of dystopian, utopian and cosmist/cosmicist angle.

With a background in philosophy, project management, erotica, interaction design and game design, Khannea goes her own way in total unacknowledgement of whatever she was taught by a failred educational system. She is a transgendered/genderqueer rights activist (or opinioneer) who brings her taste for radical freedom in a range of transhuman topics — “you can’t be a free being without money, transcending the tyranny of human society, or without technological means to transcend the tyranny of nature.” See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khannea_Suntzu.