Scattering Fred on Terasem beach

Yesterday May 10 the Terasem crowd in Florida scattered the ashes of our beloved friend Fred Chamberlain on the beautiful beach near the Terasem Ashram. The ashes were scattered, but Fred’s brain is stored at the Alcor cryonics facility, and someday it will be possible to retrieve all thoughts, feelings and memories from Fred’s frozen brain, merge them with his extensive mindfile (much more about mindfiles in a forthcoming post), and bring him back to life.

The scattering of Fred ashes on the beach was captured on video by Mike Clancy:

In the video, the voices of the ocean waves and wind cover the voice of Lori Rhodes reading the beautiful words below:

Fred Chamberlain III Scattering, May 10, 2012

We gather today to honor creation and life in recognition of the continued consciousness and energy of Fred Chamberlain III.

Though Fred no longer has a biological, physical embodiment to interact with, solace may be drawn from the principles espoused within the Truths of Terasem ~ Synergism yields a continuum of consciousness ~ Conscious life occupies time as well as space.

Within his Eternal Life Postulate, Freeman Dyson states, “I have found a universe growing without limit in richness and complexity, a universe of life surviving forever and making itself known to its neighbors across unimaginable gulfs of space and time.” “There are good scientific reasons for taking seriously the possibility that life and intelligence can succeed in molding this universe of ours to their own purposes.”

Once the life that IS Fred arose, it was destined to exist forever in joyful immortality as part and parcel of the ‘We of I’, woven into the consciousness of others.

Object permanence is a pivotal stage in human development. It is a baby’s revelation when realizing that something still exists even though it has fallen from sight and cannot be heard or touched ~ to enjoy it again, the baby need only look for it.

The smallest of cosmic particles, though seen but for a fleeting moment, are not forever gone, just merely out of sight as they waft through and are part of, our cosmos.

In 1924, the biologist, J.B.S. Haldane, wrote, “The human intellect is feeble, and there are times when it does not assert the infinity of its claims. But even then:

Though in black jest it bows and nods,
I know it is roaring at the gods,
Waiting the last eclipse.”

We shall miss this ‘Star Stuff’ son.

Before the scattering I participated via Google+ Hangouts in the online Terasem Joiners meeting, led by Pastor Gabriel Rothblatt. The local crowd could not take the remote participants (Alison Gardner, Dan Massey and I) to the beach this time (I guess it could have been done with some preparation, Hangouts works also on iPhones and Android smartphones).

Too bad I could not join them on the beach, because I cannot understand if Linda is smiling or crying at the end of the video. Probably both.

The monthly Terasem Joiners hangout is a very nice event with talks, chat, readings from The Truths of Terasem, music, and yoga. Now Google is launching Hangouts On Air to Google+ users worldwide, with built-in webcasting and recording to Youtube, and I hope some of the next Terasem events will be open to the world to watch online and offline.

  • Khannea Suntzu

    Can someone email me a high resolution complimenting full-body picture of Fred? Maybe one when he was a bit younger?

    Trust me, this will be good.

  • Giulio Prisco

    @Khannea – I know of some pictures of Fred as a young man (and believe me, he used to be a very handsome and attractive 30something), but none high resolution. I am sure we will find something.