Note to spammers

Even though this is a new and not widely advertised blog, I am receiving about 20 spam comments a day. Most are like “I totally agree, I like your articles, please keep up posting…” with a spam link.

Note to spammers: you are just wasting your time. I am not using any automated filters that you may hope to get through, but I am approving each and every comment manually. I intend to keep things this way for the time being. You are wasting your time, and mine, but there is zero chance to place a link to your spam here.

Of course, most of my spammers will not read this because they are automated spambots. This blog was not visited yet by one of those really “smart” spambots that can write something more or less relevant, but I am sure they will come soon. Spambots are getting smarter and smarter every day, and I think there is a non-zero chance that the first real, thinking AI may be a spambot.

If you are a human spammer who does not use a clever spambot (shame on you), I feel really sorry for you. How much are you paid, 0.1 cent per link? Then you should optimize your time. Please don’t post your spam links here, because they will never be seen by anyone but me, and never appear in search results.