TURING CHURCH, a magazine about science, technology, religion, and spirituality

TURING CHURCH is a magazine about science, technology, religion, and spirituality. We publish original articles and reviews of external material at the intersection of sci / tech and spirituality, where science becomes religion, and spirituality becomes technology, to offer readers meaning and sense of wonder, and hope in personal immortality and resurrection, based on science.

The cover image is the “Flammarion engraving,” a metaphorical illustration of either the scientific or the mystical quests for knowledge.

The engraving depicts a man, clothed in a long robe and carrying a staff, who kneels down and passes his head, shoulders, and right arm through a gap between the starry sky and the earth, discovering a marvellous realm of circling clouds, fires and suns beyond the heavens. One of the elements of the cosmic machinery bears a strong resemblance to traditional pictorial representations of the “wheel in the middle of a wheel” described in the visions of the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel. One of the most significant features of the landscape is the tree, which some people have interpreted as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The caption that accompanies the engraving in Flammarion’s book reads: A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch…

The Flammarion engraving (source: Wikimedia Commons)

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