Religion as protection from reckless pursuit of superintelligence and other risky technologies

I think religions that provide hope in personal resurrection – either traditional religions based on the “supernatural” or modern, Cosmist religions based on science, might be our best protection from reckless pursuit of superintelligence and other risky technologies.

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Cosmic Religion discussion, and plans

Last week I sent my article “A minimalist, open, extensible Cosmic Religion” to several mailing lists: turingchurch, cosmic-engineers, transfigurism, christian-transhumanism (Google Groups) and universalimmortalism (Yahoo Groups). This is a summary of the very interesting discussion on the mailing lists and this website.

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The Marxist and Christian roots of transhumanism

In an interesting article titled “Transhumanism has never been modern” Richard Jones argues that “[Transhumanists] have deep roots, perhaps surprising roots… in the views of the early 20th century British scientific left-wing, and in the early Russian ideologues of space exploration.”

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VIDEO – Robert Geraci’s ‘Virtually Sacred’ talk in Second Life, June 29

Robert Geraci presented and discussed his new book published by Oxford University Press: “Virtually Sacred – Myth and Meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life” in Second Life, on Sunday June 29, in Soleri City. Watch the full video below.

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Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance, on Venus+X

The recently relaunched website Venus+X, founded by my friends Alison Gardner and Dan Massey (1942-2013) and now managed by Alison alone, has serialized and published a chapter of my forthcoming book “Tales of the Turing Church.” The chapter is titled “Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance.” Enjoy, and please support Venus+X.

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