Keep imagination in our science and fiction, and leave PC BS out

Annalee Newitz wrote an article on io9 titled “Stop Putting New Age Pseudoscience in Our Science Fiction.” I respect Newitz and I like most of what she writes, but this article is total bullshit, and a disturbing indicator of where the dull bureaucrats of ultra-rationalism want to take science fiction, and science.

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Turing Church Intro for India Awakens

My friend Nupur asked me to write a short Turing Church introduction for her new Facebook page “India Awakens,” a community page for discussion of our ideas with an Indian slant. The page is mainly aimed at Indian but open to seekers from everywhere, so please Like the page and join the discussion.

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Religion as protection from reckless pursuit of superintelligence and other risky technologies

I think religions that provide hope in personal resurrection – either traditional religions based on the “supernatural” or modern, Cosmist religions based on science, might be our best protection from reckless pursuit of superintelligence and other risky technologies.

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Cosmic Religion discussion, and plans

Last week I sent my article “A minimalist, open, extensible Cosmic Religion” to several mailing lists: turingchurch, cosmic-engineers, transfigurism, christian-transhumanism (Google Groups) and universalimmortalism (Yahoo Groups). This is a summary of the very interesting discussion on the mailing lists and this website.

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The Marxist and Christian roots of transhumanism

In an interesting article titled “Transhumanism has never been modern” Richard Jones argues that “[Transhumanists] have deep roots, perhaps surprising roots… in the views of the early 20th century British scientific left-wing, and in the early Russian ideologues of space exploration.”

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